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Registered Nurse - for USA


  • Possesses the skills to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the needs and care of residents.

  • Possesses the skills to manage the administration of medications and treatments of the residents.

  • Possesses the experience of working with the aged and handicapped. If none, the candidate must be willing to work and learn how to care for the aged and handicapped, while being flexible with the day to day needs of the residents.

  • Possess the ability to work and communicate with groups of people from various backgrounds.

  • Possess the strengths of compassion, patience, empathy, and care.

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  • Must have Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

  • Must be a PH Registered Nurse

  • With valid PRC License

  • Minimum of 2-years work experience on medical field

  • Must have an NCLEX License


  •  Valid Passport

  • Curriculum vitae

  • School Credentials

             a. Copy of College Diploma

             b. Copy of College Transcript of Records

  • PRC License

  • PRC Certification

  • Certificate of Employment with the following information:

             a. Designation

             b. Hours rendered

             c. Duration of employment

             d. Duties and Responsibilities (Minimum of 5 bullet points)

             e. Complete contact details of the employer printed in Company                           letterhead

  • Training Certificates (if any)

  • Certification for passing NCLEX


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